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Some cool Rental Sound images:

Swimming Hole
Rental Sound
Image by Young in Panama
I awoke one recent May morning to the sound of children’s laughter. Looking over the wall that borders our rental property, I discovered the source. Three kids having the time of their life in a swimming hole created next to our house in "el rio". There were more squeals when they saw me with my camera.

Almost makes me wish I was young again – well, even younger than I am.

Rental Sound
Image by mikebaird
Shown here is Steve who manages the kayak rentals at the CA State Park Marina in Morro Bay with his famous Conch shell that he blows which makes a neat sound. The Amgen Tour of California pro cycling race came to San Luis Obispo County Feb. 22, 2007. Racers began Stage 4 of the eight-day race in Seaside, CA, in Monterey County, at 10AM and rode south on Highway 1 to finish at Osos and Monterey streets in downtown San Luis Obispo about 3:15PM. They passed through Morro Bay at 3:04PM.

2005 Chevrolet Aveo (US)
Rental Sound
Image by InSapphoWeTrust
A long weekend in Seattle and the Puget Sound region. I am starting off with a visit to Redmond, home of Microsoft Corporation and the US headquarters of Nintendo.

This Daewoo-built Aveo is my rental for the weekend. Although the car is registered in California, I rented it locally. Driving up from Los Angeles in an Aveo does not seem like such an appetizing idea anyway. It was not exactly pleasant to drive, either, but at least its fuel economy, even in city driving, was near 30 MPG; only a hybrid would have done better.