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Scissor Lift
Rental Sound
Image by bredgur
This thing was for me, since I was the camera operator, to get a crane-like shot of the school coming down through the trees. It was freaky being up there and I’m usually not afraid of heights. To me, it just didn’t feel save being 50 feet in the air on this thing. I had to go up it a few times before we actually started shooting to get used to being up there. There was a TA that day on-set making sure we were doing things correctly and she wanted me to strap myself and the operator to the railings, so in case the whole things falls, I would fall with it. Yeah, it didn’t make any sense to me. I’d rather possibly catch onto the tree or land on the grass lawn if this thing fell. I mean, if the thing fell the opposite way of the grass lawn and trees, it would land onto some power lines and the main street below it. That woudn’t be good at all. Anyways, we got a pretty awesome shot with this thing.

From left to right: David Vechtomov (Producer), David Oca (Gaffer, Co-DP, Co-Writer, & Scissor Lift Operator), Wl Crombie (Sound, Photo, & EPK), & Marshal Montijo (Grip).

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Santa Barbara Junior High School
Santa Barbara, California
Friday, April 18, 2008

Tizingal Rental trout stream and waterfall 2
Rental Sound
Image by Young in Panama
This was taken late in the day and shows our home past the stream that ends in a small waterfall and a trout pond just outside our bedroom window.

Since we always sleep with our windows open, we are lulled to sleep with the sound of this stream cascading over the rocks and from the river on the other side of the house. It is a very peaceful place to live.

My rental car
Rental Sound
Image by Hurt Reynolds
Yeah, it’s a nice ride. Stop sounding so surprised when you say that.