CompactDJ: Pioneer DJM-600 Explored

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This video explains the basic functions of audio mixers. DJ Bolivia starts by talking about the Pioneer DJM-600, to illustrate a number of basic mixer concepts. He then goes on to explain the differences between the Pioneer mixer and a couple of other DJ mixers. Further into the video, he talks about a couple of “live sound” mixers, and explains some of the different functions on those mixers that are more suited to a live performance approach with bands, or recording studio use. At the end of the video, the viewer should have a pretty good idea of why mixers exist, and how to understand their general functions sufficiently that if you are faced with a brand new mixer that you’ve never seen before, you can figure out what the various controls are for. For more information about DJ Bolivia, check out his websites at: http Follow Jonathan Clark on SoundCloud:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. kommdochinmeinenstaa

    you usually would connect the VDJ decks to the mixer (not the mixer as midi input)
    if you want it this way, yes – it’s possible but you need an ASIO ready audio interface with at least 2 audio lines and outputs for them to connect 2 mixer channels

  2. @egaalyv you’re right when i asked my friend who is working in music field, told me that most of the best music composing softwares are hiding from public. Listen i heard that this is the best software used by dj pro’s for their club mixes. have a look here –>

  3. @egaalyv you’re right when i asked my friend who is working in music field, told me that most of the best music composing softwares are hiding from public. Listen i heard that this is the best software used by dj pro’s for their club mixes. have a look here –>

  4. Hi , I recently purchased DJM 500, I noticed something strange about him after 15 minutes is more powerful bass without moving anything. is problematic?



    Google Vital Connectors

  6. What exactly do u mean?

    If you mean: does it have USB, so you can connect it as a controller to the PC, then the answer is no.
    But every mixer can be used with virtual DJ, if you have a good soundcard that can connect the mixer’s 2 inputs and output to the PC

  7. URGENT!!!! Can DJM 600 be used with Virtual DJ.. any feedback would be highly appreciate.. Thanks

  8. URGENT!!!! Can DJM 600 be used with Virtual DJ.. any feedback would be highly appreciate.. Thanks

  9. the DJM 600 is one of the best mixers to begin with as a dj .I also took lessons from a friend mixing on this mixer .it’s very reliable .durable and not very expensive ( i bought one for 400 euro’s)

  10. Great video on mixers. I have the mackie 402 and connecte tape out rca from mixer to 3.8mm stereo to line in on the computer. however, i get no signal in the PC. the recording is set to spdif as default but there is no movement. can you please help what to check next.

  11. @zktmisy you’re right I was desperately searching for a nice software to compose killer beats. Between I know people like LMFAO producer are using this software I can see why! Im making killer beats in minutes on this thing. have a look here =>

  12. how much did your equipment cost?? and did you get it? btw your video was super helpfull!!!!!!! 🙂

  13. hi lets say there’s a song playing on my channel one, i wanna isolate and hear only channel 2 thru my headphones how do i do thaat?

  14. Very informative, i’m don’t know a thing about music and I was wondering what was the purpose of mixers, so, Thank you very much !

  15. Ah. For special controllers, etc., you’d just bring your own. The club will almost never supply them. But it won’t be a problem to integrate your gear with their system. Clubs realize that there are a lot of different ways to DJ now, and a lot of different types of gear in use, and they’ll show you where to patch in. I’ve actually brought my DJM-600 mixer even to a number of clubs with sub-standard mixers, and just bypassed their mixer entirely.

  16. it sounds kind of scary for a beginner thinking that if someone asks u to play u need to be confident with whatever equipment is available! :/

  17. Thank u for the answer…But…let’s say that my performance requires specific machines/controllers ( for instance i want also to use ableton and i have my laptop already set with my controllers) which makes the way i mix unique…do i have to bring them by myself or do i have to ask the club to provide the controllers bringing just the laptop with my files and stuff?

  18. Some high-end A-list DJ’s will include a rider in their contract that specifies certain equipment that must be available when they play in the club. For example, a DJ like Deadmau5 will probably specify that the club must have an Allen & Heath Xone 4D for him to use. I think Sasha used to ask for certain mixers with rotary knobs. For a beginning DJ, it’s good to get experience on as many different mixers as possible, so you can work effectively with whatever a club happens to have in place.

  19. It depends on the club. Most clubs have their standard system (usually a higher-end mixer like the DJM-600 or DJM-800 or others) and all DJ’s will play on that. If you’re playing in a club where you’re required to bring your own equipment, you’re probably playing in a very low-end club. Having said that, some DJ’s will ask to use their own gear if they are used to using something different than the house system, but most DJ’s are versatile and play on whatever is in place.

  20. Great video!!!
    I just have a question…When a dj goes to a club, and that night there are other djs on the lineup, everyone plays with his own equipment or you are forced to use what the club has???

  21. Can I connect an audio out signal from a KORG Triton Le music workstation directly to this mixer? Thanks for the video anyway, it is very helpful – I have to use one next week, I have never used it before. (Basically, I just want to connect a player and the instrument and control their volume). Thanks.

  22. DjBobbyInLosAngeles

    no i understand that the wires might not be the only thign or the weakest link…..but… some wires make the sound quality less comepared to other wires?….and why do some people say wires can do that and others say it doesnt make a different in sound quality then?….

  23. They are both right. If your connecting wires are of low quality, the quality of the audio signal can also be degraded. However, sometimes the wires are not the ‘weakest link’ in the system. If something else in your sound system (ie. speakers) is of lower quality, then the difference between good and bad connections may not be noticeable.

  24. DjBobbyInLosAngeles

    do the wires matter when it comes to sound quality from a laptop to mixer?…and why do some say yes and some say no?….

  25. My acoustics Prof told me it was the way professional studios were build “back in the day” so that they could add or remove channels (the main idea was – fast replacement of a broken part). But he couldn’t recall the brand either.
    I also remember seeing such single bar attached directly to the microphone stand.
    Technically similar thing as such “channel-bar-module” is built in e-guitars.

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