CompactDJ: Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3 explored http
Video Rating: 4 / 5
Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 thoughts on “CompactDJ: Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3 explored”

  1. Yea i’m saving up for Pioneers atm, I was going to get 900’s but i want too know how much better the 1000’s are?

  2. Can som1 explain me how I can do that bitcrush effect @ 5:50? I hear this frequently live and I really like it.

  3. In theory, yes. But if you are still using VDJ, you’re probably not ready to be spending this much on a set up…

  4. hey i was just wondering, i wanted to buy some cdjs.. i want to be able to play at clubs which use 1000’s and 2000’s normally… If i buy some 350’s, which i want.. will i be able to adjust to the 1000’s if i play in a club? or should i buy 1000’s? please help thank you 🙂

  5. ok, i know i might sound like a noob saying this, and that is because am, but does it work with VirtualDJ Home Edition?

  6. There is still no need for a laptop. If you get a 2GB thumbdrive already that’s more than 18 hours worth of music. Given only about 1.08 GB (according to iTunes) is about 9.7 hours All you need is just two. One for each CDJ. Again no laptop no handful of CDs. If you have to have a handful of thumbdrives then damn buddy even if you do use WAV format i doubt you will need the handful of thumbdrives unless you are performing a 12 hour or 2 day set. In which case please be some legend like Raja Ram.

  7. latops are always good for fileserving and song searching.

    it’s always easier to bring a laptop then a whole case full of cds or a handful of thumbdrives.

  8. It is more fun to DJ on “real” analog gear than on software controllers IMO, the feeling you get is much better.

  9. wow I am sorry for this comment. I never wish you were dead. Just please for the love of life don’t buy mixer and PC.

  10. Its not WHAT you use ,its HOW you use it!
    So Whether you use the CDJ 2000,1000,900 or 850 – Who gives a SHIT?
    If EZ played on a Stanton will he sound shit ? NO!
    It depends on YOU on how YOU Mix! As long as 99% of all CDJ’s provide you with:Play,stop,cue,pitch,loop­­­s,scratch!
    ”This decks shit & That ones great” ?
    YOUR Shit ! Every CDJ only does what you tell it do.If your crap then sure You’ll sound crap but don’t criticize it!A CDJ is innocent,It only knows & does what you make it do !

  11. joa, meinte nur wegen den funktionen.. so die extreme CDJ-weltneuerung sind die 2k jetzt nicht, find ich.. ich hät lieber die 1k, die sehen schon nichtmal so prollig aus. und die funktionen langen sowieso :/
    aber jedem das seine.

  12. Hmm das liegt immer im Auge des Betrachters würd ich sagen. Ich sage mittlerweile: “Warum braucht man überhaupt noch CDJs”… Aber wie gesagt.. Muss jeder für sich wissen. Check!

  13. Habe ich mir im Nachhinein auch gedacht… (Hab ich gerade wirklich “prall für die crowd” gesagt?!?!) ;D

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