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24 thoughts on “cdj1000 pioneer turntable cdjmk2 mk3 2000 3000 4000 2011 – Global Sound”

  1. You wanna see someone who can mix their balls off, look up JAMES ZABIELA. That dude is the fucking machines himself.

  2. I think its pointless lol. I mean, its good to show off to someone and have their jaw drop to the ground cause they don’t know a thing or 2 about how to Dj, but if he played like this in a club that is just strange…

  3. yea to be honest i am not a big fan of how he plays this set but i think hes just trying to show new djs a thing or to, i ,m shaw he wouldnt play like that in real life,

  4. i dont like this guy, like Zabiela on speed.
    i want his Tshirt tho!
    i know he is just showing off the equipment, obviouly he wouldnt do all that stuff live, he would get strangled!

  5. haha, ok…tho I was listening to his name…didnt correlate with yours…but u know…dj’s can have multiple names AND personalities 😉

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