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16 thoughts on “CDJ-2000 – Laidback Luke presents RekordBox dj software – Global Sound”

  1. i knew laidback luke was filipino but i didnt know he was FOB! SO AWESOME! im filipino and started dj’ing …filipinos suck at a lot of things so it’s cool to see a filipino dj …especially dj qbert

  2. Do a little research for you self…. The programs isnt hidden… It’s just hard to actually make a good track…. And there is alot of programs actually!
    Like Fl stuido, Cubase, Pro Tools, Reason, Logic… You can make music with any of this programs….

    Swedish house mafia uses Logic
    Avicii uses FL studio
    Laidback Luke uses FL studio himself…
    I been into a studio here in sweden where they had Pro Tools…

  3. Forgive me for being old fashioned, but what happens when your in the middle of your set and your lap top crashes. I hold residences in some very large Clubs in the UK, and i have seen very credible DJs who would be known to readers, have their PC crash, and say to me quickly take over for a few minutes. I think the technology is fantastic, but im still using CDJs and CDs because unless someone shows me a lap top that dosent crash in the middle of a mix im not going there.

  4. I mix live sets with vinyl while recording the original songs I use a cassette deck or analog reel to reel gives you better sound quality and cassette tapes the sound is bassy and punchy and thats what I likethen I take the tapes to the vinyl pressing plants and have them press my mixes or remixes on vinyl its sick then you can play your remixes and mixes instead of using serato and you can sell them as well like me

  5. It depends on where you live I can send you the names of different companys that can make vinyl for you you just have to tell me your area ok no problem and what you recorded it on originally if you did it on pc it has to be a wav file most popular mp3 is not too much of a problem but companys dont like to use mp3 for converting to vinyl even though they can wav file is what they usually ask for contact me Iwill help any way I can

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