CDJ-2000 & CDJ-900 Tutorial Part 6 – HID and Midi Control – Global Sound

Global Sound – Learn the benefits of HID connection vs. MIDI which are both offered on the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 allowing less stress when setting up with 3rd party DJ software such as Traktor. A detailed overview of how to set up your PC or Mac to recognise the new CDJs and work with this software is shown here.

My DJ Setup, Pioneer Limited Edition White CDJ2000 & DJM900 Nexus Mixer

Limited Edition CDJ Numbers 426 & 427 DM900 Nexus Number 356
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27 thoughts on “CDJ-2000 & CDJ-900 Tutorial Part 6 – HID and Midi Control – Global Sound”

  1. I’m having the same problem. Is it possible the connection is unstable because I’m using a cheap USB hub to connect both CDJs to the mixer? Any idea if a powered USB hub would be the solution to this?

  2. Does slipmode work on my traktor scratch pro 2? I downloaded a cracked version (forgive me), so I would use the MIDI mode.

  3. It is connected with my traktor software but the sound quality that goes to my mixer comes from my cdj 2000 sound card and not from my pc am I right?

  4. guy can u plz help me, how to connect my cdj2000 + 900 with the macbook the rekord box already is in the macbook, im just want to know what tyoe of cables need for it and how to connect. thanks

  5. hey guys

    traktor is not getting any music signal(recording levels)…. when set to external mixer, everything plays and work good the only thing i cant do is recording using the record feature in traktor..

    do i need audio 8 or something to get the signals for mixer too ?

    my setup
    Macbook pro running latest OS X
    2 CDJ 900

  6. I got ttwo CDj2000’s and connects it to Traktor via HID. But i just got the option for using just ONE of the two CDJ2000. I just get sound through channel 1 and not channel 2. How to fix this?

  7. Is there anyway to use the 900s to control Traktor but use my own audio interface to output the sound? They don’t seem to want to play when I set the up in that way.

  8. Hi, I connected the cdj’s 900 with my Mac and it work ok via aggregate the devises.
    I want to ask you if you can suggest me a good usb hub to connect both 2 cdj’s in one usb on my mac and if i can use this hub to conect x1 control and a novation 49 sl mkII ??? Everuthing is gonna working right ???? thnxs

  9. you cdj 900s are soundcards, so connect them to the somputer with USB cables, and connect the sound putputs (RCA) to your mixer
    (Make sure traktor is set to external mixer)

  10. I’m really confused on how I can set my two cdj 900’s, ecler evo 5 mixer, and traktor for HID mode. I’m using a macbook pro. Do I add my evo 5 in aggregate device with my cdj’s?

  11. Dude you have the dopest setup out there. Everything from the nexus down to the HD-25s. Good Taste.

  12. It’s white until you spill something on it haha! Just kiddin’, hopefully you don’t. Looks pretty sick!

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