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Все виде у меня в блоге: В этом сюжете я рассказываю про настройки джога, про режим винила, про настройки питч контроля и про настройки motor on и motor off. Это последний сюжет про общие функции проигрывателя Pioneer CDJ 2000 которые присутствуют и в старой модели Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3. В следующем сюжете (часть 4) я рассказываю про новые функции которые появились с новой серией проигрывателей Pioneer.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 check out my myspace! 🙂 Andy Falsitta. Milano, Italy. Tracklist: 1 – Intro – My voice 2 – Peabird – Scratch Beat 2 (Breakz R Uz) 3 – 3 Abnormal Boys – Keep It (Frankie Records) 2007 4 – Detroit Grand Pu Bahs – Sandwiches (Pepper Records) 2000 5 – Peace Division – Club Therapy – John Ciafone Mixes (NRK Music) 2006 6 – Dexter – I don’t Care (Klakson Records) 2000 7 – Justice VS Simian – Never be Alone – Acappella 8 – Swat Squad – Mania (Pulsewith) 2007 9 – Micromix – my time stretched voice 🙂 Equipment: 1 Mixer Pioneer DJM 800 2 Turntables Technics 1200 1 cd player Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3 (Borrowed from Matteo.. Thanks!!) 1 Traktor Scratch 1 Mac 1 Nokia N73 for making the video 1 I-Key for recording the audio I would like to thank -Ale Close- sooooo much for filming me and helping bring the equipment to my dining room while my dad was sleeping nextdoor!! 🙂 (we thought the video would look nicer there..) I would also like to thank Uabos for giving me a lot of really nice Acappellas including the Justice one! I say Hello to all my friends from Milano + to all the people who like the groove.. all around the world!! Andy Falsitta

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22 thoughts on “CD проигрыватель Pioneer CDJ 2000 часть 3 (№024) – Global Sound”

  1. Спасибо мэн на днях выступление на этих проигрователях, так что сэнкс))

  2. i watch this movie a long long time ago .. and now this micromix is a hot !! Great Job Bro !!! BigUp From Poland !

  3. People find it easy to judge when watching at home, that kind of mix takes a lot of effort and skill, you did good!

  4. Bravo bellisimo il finale bellisimo anche il mitico pionner djm 800 i loop con la voce m diverto spesso a farli anchio e giocarci sopra kmq davvero bravo complimenti

  5. your off beat with your roll effect once in a while, its an okay mix but annoying vocal sample and clumsy rolling just dont do it for me.

  6. i dont understand why it won :/ fair does its clever to an extent but felt cotts and ravines mixes are better all the tracks used are similar not a massive hater just felt it wasnt something you could listen to over and over too repetitive :/

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