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Capsule – The Music (high quality) From “Player” album

Here is a sample of the traditional music of the native people of Australia, the so-called Aboriginals (actually several peoples, each with its own language), who possess a most original and beautiful culture and are the heirs of the most ancient wisdom of the world. Enjoy this masterpiece of aboriginal folk music and the fascinating sound of the didgeridoo (the traditional aboriginal wooden “drone pipe”)! This song was composed, and is performed and sung by Richard Walley, one of the greatest and most famous Australian Aboriginal composers and musicians.

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38 thoughts on “Capsule – The Music [HQ] – Global Sound”

  1. I wouldn’t say it the -best-, I mean there’s just way too many awesome subgenres to choose, really. 😛

  2. What intelligent input you have, thank you for your feedback, I will treasure it greatly. Nah, not really, go fuck yourself, kid.

  3. I have nothing against Aboriginals , I love the Aboriginal culture and race off ppl …. but to call us Europeans Inferior and Primitive is pretty contradicting … honestly its the other way around…..

  4. Europeans care greatly about the past, they constantly reference it in relation to their future. The past is ‘not over’.

  5. Love playing didg, check out some of my music, i play didg, harmonica, guitar, and foot percussion pedals

  6. It’s true, even though I am the grandson of an immigrant in America, it’s a shame what Immigrants can do to a previous culture.

  7. Historians, historians cares about what happened in the past. XD

    But in all honesty, the crimes committed against Australasia indigenous population and fauna, although not as grave as those committed in America, are to be remembered.

  8. Oi.. show some respect, many AUSTRALIANS would have ABORIGINAL blood in them ( like me ) please just stop arguing about it. Who cares what happened in the past??? ITS OVER!!!!

  9. blastoffintoinfinity

    i agree that carbon dating has merit, for sure, but what if there is more than what has been found (a good possibility). as for the aboriginees being welcoming, i havent met any now or back then living in the outback. that has and is a common practice throughout humanity… introducing species that wipe out the other indigenous populations… its not just the aussies or “fucking english” native cultures living in harmony with nature seem to be the exception rather than the rule…

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