Can’t Send Mail Due to DBX File Corruption in Outlook Express?

Can’t Send Mail Due to DBX File Corruption in Outlook Express?

Microsoft Outlook Express is a popular and useful email client that comes bundled with Internet Explorer and Windows. It stores all of your emails, notes, contacts and other critical personal data in the form of (D B X) file. A separate file is created for every folder; either it is special folder , Sent Items and Drafts. However, it is quite user friendly and reliable email client, but in some situations you might encounter some error messages while accessing data from it or using it. These error messages occur due to corruption of files and render all of your data inaccessible.

When you try to send emails, you may encounter an error message that does not allow you to send email and also makes your folders inaccessible. There are several factors, which include missing or damaged file, damaged installation, missing file objects and so forth. The corruption may occur due to virus infection, improper system shutdown, application errors and other similar issues. The error message may look like the following one:

“An unknown error has occurred. Protocol: simple mail transfer protocol, Port: 0, Secure : No, Error Number: 0x800C013B.”

After above error message occurs, emails and all other data become inaccessible. This error mostly occurs due to corruption to the Sent Items folders. Damage to other folders may also cause this error.

To perform repair by solving this problem and gain access of your data, go through the following steps to rename Sent Items:

1- Click Start, select Find and choose Files and Folders. 2- Type Sent Items in Name box. 3- Select drive C to search in and click Find Now. 4- Right click on the file and rename it. 5- Restart

Although, after renaming the Sent Items file the error message won’t occur, but the corrupted file can not be repaired. In order to repair and restore the file, using third party tools. These are powerful applications which can recover data from damaged files in most of the cases. They perform systematic scan using advanced algorithms to ensure absolute repair.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery is a powerful read-only tool that performs safe and easy recovery in case of corruption. It works well with 6.0, 5.5, 5.01 and 5.0. This software is designed for Windows Vista, and 2000.

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