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Testing Kyosho DBX VE on 4s, two Orion 4000 mAh 25C 2s lipos in series. This thing is pretty wild. I was quite sure that the front tires would pop. It was pretty hard to control this thing especially while trying to record at the same time 🙂 – the ESC accepts up to 7s so maybe I should try more? 😀 The first setup with the MTroniks G2 Beast combo didn’t work at all. The ESC couldn’t take it. They seem to have mistakenly put their marketing numbers into the actual product specification. The cheap Sky-Wing aeroplane ESC beat the expensive MTroniks hands (=pants) down. Note that the Orion Vortex10 motor is specified for 3s LiPo and the MTroniks for 4s. I’ve sent the G2 Beast ESC back to MTroniks and immediately they responded that they’d send a replacement. Now two months later I have received no replacement and they’re simply ignoring my e-mails and phone calls. Update on Aug 8. Well, some weeks ago I did finally receive the replacement Mtroniks ESC. Don’t think I’m going to try any fancy stuff with it. It will be a good bashing ESC for the winter though. Will do fine in the snow on 2s LiPo.

Video footage of Amelle Berrabah recording “God Won’t Save U Now” with DBX. For new updates follow us on and
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  1. As a general rule of thumb and this goes out to anyone reading this. If you are planning on running a your car, truck, buggy or whatever at the highest rating the esc can handle. You need to switch up your gearing, out of the box most RC’s are not geared for the highest lipo rating. Because of this it results in to much heat and as you can see in the video above you will cook the esc. Read the manual, if it doesn’t say anything about increasing the gearing than assume it. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Not sure. I was planning to measure the top speeds using different lipos but haven’t had the time ;(

  3. Not sure. I was planning to make another video and run it on 5s but I haven’t had the time yet 🙂

  4. if this off road buggy is too slow with off road tires, get some on road belted tires… and then bolt them onto an ofna dm-1 with a castle monster in it

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    looool i like the way my comment got deleted HA funny person!!!! wow someone cant take constructive criticism. I didn’t say the video was bad its decent but the transition at the beginning has to go ASAP!!! change it, change it right now!!!! once you’ve changed it i’ll put up my like and give the editor full props for their work, but until then its only 3/4 good!!!

    But Amelle as i said keep doing your thing, track sounds hot, you have my vote lool. cant wait to buy the single. nuff luv x x

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