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Brand New Music Video 2012

Add us on Facebook & follow us on twitter & FREE DOWNLOAD THE SONG FROM: & http Groovy Promotions & Hussle Records presents “soft & Mellow” by Liquidsilva & Bec Whitehead. Directed by Daniel Pirrone-Cook. Big shout out to Brian Anyos, Belinda Karcoushkas, Blackdoor Productions, Rushin Films, LaFilms, Groovy Promotions, Black Coffee Lyrics, Legend’s Cafe Harbor Town and all the cast.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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42 thoughts on “Brand New Music Video 2012 “Soft & Mellow” by Liquidsilva & Bec Whitehead – Global Sound”

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  2. To what I think Liquidsilva & Bec Whitehead did a great job and its obvious that Bec Whitehead’s beauty over shine and adds a lot on this video

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