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Buy from Amazon Free Shipping! Watch 720p version for best audio quality. Buy the Blue enCORE 100 with Free Shipping and help us continue to serve churches! In this head to head comparison we review both the Shure SM58 and the Blue Microphones enCORE 100 handheld dynamic microphones.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mic Shoot Out!: Shure SM57 vs Audix i5. These two mics are arguably the two biggest “Go To” mics for Recording almost anything! Both priced at about 0 each they are affordable microphones that should be found in every “Home Studio”!Both Mics are going through a Tascam US1641 USB Audio Interface into an iMac 24″ and Logic Studio 9. I did not have both mics set up on different inputs… both are going through input one (Switching the Cable and placing the mics after each take). Guitar used was a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Brazilian Limited Edition. Which Mic do you think sounds better? I will be doing more Mic Shoot-outs over the next few Months…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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39 thoughts on “Blue Microphones enCORE 100 & Shure SM58 Comparison Review – Global Sound”

  1. No problem man. I understand where you are coming from. As a pro sound guy I look for the same stuff. My review videos are targeted towards a very particular niche group. I work with brand new church plants that haven’t started yet and quite often don’t have anyone who has ever done sound before on their team. So unlike pro audio guys they just want to know “does this mic sound good with male vocals?” “how does it compare to other mics the same price?” etc, etc.

  2. Sorry if I came off a little disrespectful but on youtube we see so much bad science and engineering naively or purposely misrepresenting facts.
    To do impartial ‘reviews’ you need to run test setups that provide consistent & repeatable results with comparison data presented in the same format, preferably with overlays.
    Learn by doing: Search for “Room EQ Wizard” Analysis free software. Or perhaps you have Smaart or other that you can use for developing your own comparison data.

  3. Thanks for your feedback though. I want to learn as I go how to be better at being impartial in my reviews. I can sometimes get excited about a product and come across like I think it’s the only option. There are lots of great mics out there and we need the variety. A mic that sounds great on one person or instrument may not sound good on another person or instrument.

  4. Yes this is marketing, for my company. This comparison was meant to be a real world use comparison, not a laboratory experiment. How is the sensitivity test a joke? In the real world are you running your mic through analyzers? No, you’re just adjusting the gain on your mixer. I’m not partial to Blue, I sell Blue, Shure, AT, AKG, Sennheiser, Audix and others. Another mic that has recently caught my attention as a great bang/buck value is the AT-2010. Pretty great little mic under $100.

  5. Fun marketing spray. But let’s not call it a comparison. And most certainly let’s not define “winner” based on dissimilar engineering charts. C’mon. Frequency response comparisons need to be done in the same situation with analysis on an AP, B & K or other kit. And at the very least let’s see the same bandwidth & smoothing. But your sensitivity test is the best joke. Can you hear me now? How ’bout now.

  6. Did anyone hear the feedback static sound when she sang with the SM58, it sounded good, but with that random cripsy cheap sound it killed it, and with the blue mic it never popped out once, its a poppy sound, so go and check that out.

  7. Just want to reiterate that I know opinions will differ between different people. This review is meant to help people make their own choice instead of having some salesperson telling them what to buy. I love helping people educate themselves to make the best decision for themselves.

  8. @umba9 Everyone has there own opinions and preferences, which is great. One thing i am not though is unfairly biased. In my opinion, and many others, the encore is a much better mic. Look up 100 customer reviews and 95% of them will say the same thing. There is a reason American idol is using a blue encore mic on every mic this year.

  9. I personally prefer the SM58 but it totally depends on the singer’s vocal capacity. Also I think this is a biased critic.

  10. @Nekachka Make sure you are listening with the video on 720p quality and are using high quality headphones or speakers. Even with the video on 720p Youtube audio is kind of lousy. It’s near impossible to do any real critical listening over Youtube. Live in person over a good sound system the enCORE 100 absolutely sounds better in my opinion. But everyone has their own unique opinion.

  11. I dunno man… I think the sm58 sounded better – her voice sounds crisper/clearer/louder “on calvary”. Do you have any way to measure objectively the sound quality? (hz range?)

  12. Hey man, I just came across this demo. I’m really digging the clean chords you were playing the second half of the video. Is this a song or are these your chord progressions? and do you mind sharing the chords?

  13. Just recently I started recording my band all of that and I’ve been using a Krank Revolution Head run through an Avatar 2×12 Contemporary cabinet although whenever I record the guitar on the distortion channel there is a whole load of fuzz and static amongst the sound that is produced. From this video it seems you just put the mic there and gave a perfect tone.
    Do you have any tips that could possibly help me with my problem?

    -sorry about the huge comment, I’m just really stuck at the moment…

  14. Most typically you use an audio interface either a USB or Firewire. You can get a mic cable that directly plugs into your computer but i wouldn’t recommend this. If you want to get a pretty good sound try getting an audio interface and then you just plug in a regular mic cable into it and that’ll get you a descent sound.

  15. How do mics typically plug into a computer?
    I am new to recording and the current mic i have is a terrible USB mic that came with a game i bought a long time ago. Looking to get one of these 2 but idk how it even hooks up to a computer.

    Do they come in the same size plug that you use for guitars? are they USB? do i need something to convert it to a USB? need some help here.

  16. On its’ own… SM57… paired with a condenser like the TLM 103 Audix i5… paired with a condenser like the C414 XLii the SM57… lots of answers lol

  17. Both has been use for my guitar tracking sessions. I’ve place the i5 right on center of speaker, and the SM57 off axis from center. And about 25cm away from cabinet I was set up the ambience with Sennheiser e901 condenser type microphone. The result is the clarity and tightness that I need.

  18. i like the i5. better detail than the 57. the 57 sounded muddy. the i5 will cut through the mix much better in my opinion. i won both and i find myself reaching for the i5 a lot.

    the i5 also works really well on congas, bongos and other skin type percussion.

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