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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 thoughts on “Best Free Background Music Site – Global Sound”

  1. Yeah, my country does not belive in copyright for CDs, DVDs, Softwares, Videos, Music…ETC.
    That is why some videos from youtube do not work in my country!
    hate it!

  2. Why would you care about the contends of the video if the very purpose of “watching” this is that you will be doing something else?

  3. When you listen to this you just go to another world where everything is beautiful. And you dont need nothing just music and nature of course

  4. Thanks. We will soon look into shooting Yosemite again for ya. We are grounded in nature sounds and waves… but thanks to you and yt, we are able to shoot lots more with our musical partners.

  5. We have a Hawaii Version of this . Look for Soothing Dreams Icon on the Right under the Title “Go to Sleep Fast Sleep Music Relaxing…”

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