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Using the score from “Batman Begins”, I did my best to create a music-only version of the theatrical trailer for “The Dark Knight”. It’s not perfect, but it is worth a look for fans of the score or movie!
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***READ DESCIPTION FIRST*** this is NOT the actual background music, but a very close replicate. i made this by combining the original songs used in the actual trailer. its not exact but its very close. the reason that there are pauses in the song is because in the trailer the characters began to talk and i couldn’t hear what background music was playing.. **NO I DON’T HAVE THE mp3! I’m sorry but i lost it after making this video. i also missed the ending part of jack sparrow’s theme with the violins buts its close. The Songs used were: “Return of the King” – X-Ray Dog “Def Con” – Immediate Music “With Great Power” – Immediate Music “Dark Empire Remix 2.0” – X-Ray Dog plz enjoy, comment and rate! haha and yes i know its not that great and there is a high chance someone will do better than me. this is my first time combining music together… btw check my real account at: 4/09 wow! 5000+ views! XD 7/09 FREAKING SWEET!! 10000+ views!! Thanks Guys!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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37 thoughts on “Batman: The Dark Knight Trailer (Music Only) – Global Sound”

  1. Hans Zimmer is indubitably the man, but let us now forget James Newton Howard, with whom he collaborated on this soundtrack.

  2. It’s not that they have a “full version” of the clip but that the clip is a section of the actual song lol

  3. Search “Dark Empire 3.0”. X ray dog did a 3min full version of that last 40 seconds. 🙂 Your welcome

  4. awesome, i´m making a video and i´m searching for this song. I don´t want do sell the video, could I use the song for it?

  5. hey! this is really great! i am making a trailer for a work project, do you think i could use this music? and if i can, how do i get it? thank you 🙂

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