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Listen to this peaceful, relaxing instrumental. Slow down, use this relaxing background music to improve your mood, enhance your calm, or bring peace to your everyday life. Or maybe you’re one of the many people who find relaxing instrumentals of benefit during your workout (yoga, etc.) or playing in the background at work or while your complete household chores. There are many reasons to put this track into your youtube playlist. If you like it, tell me (comment) what you use this music for. As a creator (musician) I love to know reactions and get feedback. Thank you for listening! Have a good day, Michael please visit also my channel for more original relaxing tunes: follow me on twitter: © 2011 relaxdaily. All rights reserved. Further tags: „background music” „musica rilassante” „new age” spiritualismo natura „relax music” calm chillout ambient stress depression zen tai chi reiki massage enya soundtrack soothing gentle soft 2011 „musica anti-stress” „anti stress” tranquilo meditation music yoga zen peaceful soft instrumental de-stress health Soothing “Sleep Music” “Wellness music” “Soft music” „Zen Relax – Musica rilassante” „EA Games” heal „slow music” instrumental „meditation music” „piano music” „sleep music” beautiful peaceful relaxdaily “youtube relax music” “mood music” “relax radio” “musica relax” “music to relax” “radiolounge” “youtube relaxing music” — New Age music with an ambient sound that has the explicit purpose of aiding meditation and
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Background Music Instrumental - Piano & Nature - Relax Daily N°005

Close your eyes. Listen to a soothing and peaceful background music instrumental. Or watch beautiful woods from different places of the world. Imagine you would be there. Breath the fresh air. Walk the trails. Touch the cold water from the river. Watch squirells and deers. Relax. Be. Thank…

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35 thoughts on “BACKGROUND MUSIC – smooth, ambient, feel good – RELAX DAILY N°016 – Global Sound”

  1. Your music has led me to some intense ruminations concerning my life.

    I’d like to hand you a major- Thank You.

  2. Hi… I’m making a video for a convention and I needed this song..Would you mind if I can use it? And if so, can you tell me what the title is so that I can give credit to you =)
    Thank you very very much! Awesome music

  3. Would you mind if I use this song in my videos. You won’t have to worry, full credit will be give to you and also a link to your channel. Reply to this comment just saying yes or no. I understand if you say no, but I am just looking for a background song to some of my videos.

  4. Thank you Monicka. Basically, most tunes I create for this project are suitable for a study music playlist. Since there are different tastes, not every single one will work for everybody, though. But, yes, I’ll do also more music in the future, that will be especially suitable for mental work (like studying). So check out my channel and my webpage for updates 😉
    Thanks for listening, have a great week!
    – Michael (relaxdaily)

  5. Hi Michael! Can you make more music that I can play while studying.. Like something that will help me focus… Thank you so much and your music has been very beneficial 🙂 you rock dude!

  6. right of the bat; it sounds ominous. The perfect fifth.. not exactly having a nice positive continuation… a rather sad feel to it. Nothing that is uplifting or relaxing here.. this music is only confronting me with things that aren’t going well.. Try listening to something like singtree by solar quest.. same idea.. simple intervals.. repetition. and embellishments.
    hey, just my 2 cents.. don’t let me discourage you in any way;
    I appreciate creativity and putting it out there for everyone:-)

  7. k so my friends and I are starting a band called the chillidogs! and I wanna know if u could make a cool up beat background music with a beginning like this has! also post it on u-tube!

  8. I’m sorry for spamming i just have so much to say! this song gives me a feeling and idk wut it is! idk if it’s hope or sadness or joy or WHAT?!?!?!?! i love this song and i can’t get over it. I keep replaying it over and over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just know that I’m going to be listening to it for the rest of my life over and over again. it reminds me of my grand parents who passed away when i was 7 years old…I’m 13 years old now. Great song keep it up

  9. i’m going they a rough time in my life right now. i have 3 winner full daughters, wife.but i try to hills Mt head up high with “no JOB”. i feel hope less, this music helps me 4 get my problems (4a while ). thank you so much, how fully don’t get to listen to it no more in the future

  10. hi i must say this is beautiful i was wondering if i can add lyrics to this, of corse i will not sell it and i will give you credit for the instrumental if not i understaind.

  11. This is definitely one of my favorites…it’s so uplifting and it puts me in such a positive mood. I can’t thank you enough for your awesome music. 😀

  12. Buy yourself a piano, then read/check out on YT what chords is.

    When you know some of the basic chords, try playing around testing out what sounds okay. And what doesn’t.

  13. sure. like any other of the songs on this channel, I did it on my own. I compose, play and record my music on my own. …in the end, that’s the only way to get the music, I really want to listen to 😉

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