Atlanta Landlord Never Collects Rent – Global Sound

Global Sound – Roswell, Georgia (PRWEB) June 22, 2004

Better yet, real estate investor Jon Petrie says with a little informed common sense and the strategies outlined in his book, “LANDLORD SECRETS…”, it can work for any hands-on landlord.

So, what’s the secret? Carrots. Incentives. Petrie sweetens his rental deals with special perks to encourage renters to get the rent check in the mail… on time. It’s a fair system, and renters like the arrangement so much they usually pay ahead of time. Everybody wins, something we don’t hear enough about these days, especially in a landlord/tenant relationship.

But “not collecting rent” is just one of hundreds of time and money saving tips this landlord has perfected over the years. He enjoys writing, so he wrote and published a book devoted to teaching new landlords the inside tips, the survival techniques, the “secrets” of making money with rental property.

“LANDLORD SECRETS, A Street Smart Guide To Preparing and Managing Your Own Rental Property… Without Getting Taken To The Cleaners” is written for the “little guys”, small time landlords who struggle to deal with a rental house or two, a day job to worry about, and no spare time for unplugging toilets or chasing rents every weekend.

If you want a heads-up look at what usually goes wrong with landlords, rentals and renters, and how to prevent it from happening to you, “LANDLORD SECRETS” has it all. It takes you through dozens of easy ways to cut management time and reduce complaints, hundreds of cost cutters and maintenance tips, and special ways to lower insurance rates and minimize liability. The book is well organized, informative, and sprinkled with plenty of tell-it-like-it-is humor, making it an enjoyable reading experience.

For any hands-on landlord, or someone new to investing in rental real estate, this how-to manual is the fast track to being “street smart”, without spending years learning the tricks of the trade.