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Two rack spaces, 2500 watts and, wait for it…. 10 lbs. Gotta check this power amp from Crown out.
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24 thoughts on “American Audio & Crown NAMM 2010 – Global Sound”

  1. do you think the big sound companys will replace ther marcotech 3600 and bigger with the xls series….just wondering.

  2. i wana see somone make a hounderd poun amplifier whit 40 pound wighting heatsinks and no fans at al …..

  3. db audiotechnik i meant to say. Sorry..

    I think so…. check them out…. They are a little bit more pricey but amazing quailty when it comes to speakers and power amps!

  4. Haven’t heard of Audioechiqc. Is that a US brand? What kind of price point for, say something that does between 350-500 watts per channel @ 8 ohms?

  5. The crown amps arent that great… DJs have to understand that there are much better systems if you look around. DB Autotechiqc is a good example. Their amps auto config to use the best settings with their speakers.

  6. hmm well, it’s my guess that the XTi amps aren’t going anywhere. They have many more features than the XLS amps and rock a LOT harder.

    The XLS series has been an entry level product for Crown. Solid, but entry level. The XTi are a BIG upgrade. Take it from a guy who as owned both 🙂

  7. Again great video Brian, hate to admit it but yes im an older guy so while i might have to save a little longer for Crown amps thats the way forward! Love the American audio products looking forward to getting my chubby Brit hands on them!

  8. Sorry – this is a multi-person team all doing 65 things at once. That one mistake slipped by us last month. 🙂

  9. why does this say crown XTi as title?? this is a crown XLS amp in the video you are talking about. if you don’t even know the name of it, I’m certainly not taking any advice from you.

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