Alexandra Stan – Lemonade (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

By popular demand, Lemonade’s lyrics (ingredients) are on Alexandra’s Facebook page: Worldwide premiere of the summer hit single you’ve been waiting for. A brand new, fresh and funky track from the 2011 best dance artist Alexandra Stan. Produced by MAAN Studio – one of the top dance producers in the world. Licensing and inquiries: (Licensing available throughout the world) DO NOT RE-UPLOAD – YOU WILL BE REPORTED. All media content is © & (P) Maan Music Studio SRL, 2012. All rights reserved.

Megan and Liz:

Bad For Me is on iTunes now!!: We are SO excited to share the official music video for our song “Bad For Me” with you guys!! We had such a blast making this video and want to thank everyone who made it possible. We love you all so much and hope you love the video! Watch our “behind-the-scenes” videos for the “Bad For Me” video shoot here! iTUNES 🙂 NEWSLETTER SIGN UP! 🙂 BEAUTY CHANNEL! 🙂 FACEBOOK! 🙂 TWITTER! 🙂 TUMBLR! 🙂 http FORMSPRING! PINTEREST! 🙂 WE LOVE YOU GUYS TO PLUTO AND BACK 🙂 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 thoughts on “Alexandra Stan – Lemonade (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)”

  1. Definitely prefer this Alexandra over “Lollipop” Alexandra. This is sexy. Lollipop was just trashy soft core porn.

  2. co jak co-ale w Rumunii maja zajebistą Lemoniadkę – kwasiura taka że siok 😀 ale za to przy 44 stopniach nie czuc że się jest spragnioną/(nym) 😀

  3. OK, did she just threw that dog on the ground just like that in 0:06? Haha, anyway, I just love her hair in every scene…and one question…what happened to a policeman?

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  5. i loveeeee the three dancers, and how the guys are like moving them like puppets…. or are they trying to get to the girls, but the girls just back away? don’t really know how to interpret it, but hell, it’s amazing!

  6. My “Bad For Me” story was pretty sucky..I liked a guy, we broke up, I found someone new and now he’s jealous and wants me back -.-

  7. FUCK YOU. Megan and Liz are amazing. I’ve been with them since the beginning, and I still love them to this day. If you think they are so shit, why did you look up the song?

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