FIRST LOOK Pioneer DJM-800 – Global Sound

Global Sound – Even though the Pioner DJM-800 has been out for a while, DJ Ty shoots a video of his club mixer of choice. Note the rotary fader upgrade.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 [866-PRO-MIXX] National Pioneer Demonstrator DJ Jay runs us through some of the features of the Pioneer DJM-800 and the DVJ-1000.

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22 thoughts on “ FIRST LOOK Pioneer DJM-800 – Global Sound”

  1. Just to let ye know, its very hard to find stuff on your site. Ye badly need a search bar!

    Was trying to find the rotary upgrade kit quickly for a friend but found it so awkward.

  2. Der Mixer ist geil aber wer ist so schwul und setzt die ganzen effekt bei hiphopraprnb ein?
    meiner meinung nach ist das ein clubmixer für elektro musik und die hiphopper sind mit 2 channel battle mixern besser dran.
    Hab auch nichts gegen hiphop aber wenn da einer einen flanger oder echo reindreht bekomm ich die krise!

  3. @omnipitantlyoriginal The Korg Zero4 was a nice little mixer. No longer manufactured though. The DJM-800 is a king. Denon’s DN-X1600 is not too shabby, might be worth a look.

  4. wtf, this is done late, before you did this video, it should of being uploaded in 2007 or something, you’re old, you need the new fashion, new fashion is cdj2000 or cdj900

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