Ace Ventura Australian Rental VHS release from Maybe October 1994 The Start Part 1

Here’s the follows: 1: Some Sound 2: Roadshow Home Video/Roadshow Entertainment Copyright Warning Scroll which is also a Buena Vista Home Video Copyright Warning Scroll 1987 or 1988 – Late 1995 or Early 1996 3: Roadshow Entertainment Ident 1993 – Current (the one that was used from 1993 – Late 1995 or Early 1996 with A calm synth tune with four chime sounds that i think it’s an extended version of it as the Music/Sounds in that particular ident) with the Roadshow Entertainment Coming Soon Advice from 1993 – Late 1995 or early 1996 4: Zinnerty Board Game Trailer and/or Commercial 5: Roadshow Entertainment M15+ (which was M from 19?? – 1989 and from 2005 – Current) Rated Trailers Advice I think maybe from 1994 – 1996 or 1997 (the one with it saying Recommended For Mature Audiences 15 Years and Over on the right of where the Classification Symbol is) i think that particular one was used from Mid 1994 – Late 1994 or Early 1995 2: Mother’s Boys (1994) Trailer 3: The Chase (1994) Trailer 4: Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993) Roadshow Entertainment trailer 5: Army Intellegence (1994) trailer For Part 2 of this here’s the link:
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  1. Army Intelligence was originally titled Renaissance Man (and retains that title in the U.S.). This explains the sudden change in voiceover.

  2. saludos que buen video, muy interesante, que te parece si te suscribes si quieres a mi canal? bueno yo subo poesia mía ( si quieres hechas un vistazo a mis videos ) y eso…gracias , cuidate :D.

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