A look at the Sampler on the Pioneer DJM-600 mixer

A look at the sampler on the Pioneer DJM-600 mixer. www.djtutor.com In this video i give you a general look at the features of the sampler and what it can do and what you can do with it.

25 thoughts on “A look at the Sampler on the Pioneer DJM-600 mixer”

  1. He ellaskins, is this a good quallity mixer? becouse my old one produce weard sounds over the master. so i want a new one and i like this one!

  2. Does that actually works to record the beat oneself or does the mixer record one beatlenght for you when pressing the button? Didn’t get a manual to mine so I don’t know

  3. djm 600 >> the best mixer. I had this mixer and its very nice. my english is basic heh sorry. greetings from Polish

  4. Hello!!! I have a djm 600. But how can I use the function edit on the sampler? Can you make a video with it?
    Tank for share all of your knowledge!!!
    You are the best!!!!

  5. if you manually input the bpm first the sampler will automatically loop in time , you can set the bar length of the loop to be taken in the parameter section.

    Makes getting a perfect loop very easy

  6. does anyone know, what other mixers in the market have a sampling/looping function other than the djms and numark 5000fx?
    i would love to have a mixer with that function, but none of the above. thanks!

  7. J: Thanks for knowledge, this is what I was looking for!!! For me it’s like rain on the desert 🙂 . Thanks again… We love you guru! :)

  8. expensive tho! lol, i recon the 600 is better value for money as u can pick one up on ebay for about £300 which is good

  9. hI there,

    first of all Jonathan (hope I write your name correct) thx 4 your tutorial video’s. It’s helping me a lot with my djing skills. Keep up the good work.

    I have a question tho. Can you also tell me how 2 replace one sampler, let say on channel 3, with another sample om the djm 600.
    I don’t know how 2 delete a sample after recording it (without turning on and off the mixer that is)and replacing it.

    thx already

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