A Look At The PIONEER DJM-600 pt I

Part 1 of 4 .. A look at the Effects board on the DJM-600 by Pioneer

14 thoughts on “A Look At The PIONEER DJM-600 pt I”

  1. Dude..where has EVERYBODY been? no one has been posting.
    I been hard at work tho…i gota invest in a whip. [a truck really].
    Hope u doing good man.

    There is soo much going on with the 5000, its kinda weird. But HEY, they give you a Mic Effect O_O . ZOMG! Game Changer! ……..syke. XD muahah.

    Thanx man..always appreciate the praise.

  2. G A D A B O U T ! ! !

    Where ya been big homey? “…then close the door!” YOU A FOOL!

    Good job on the tutorial for the efx board on the pio mixer. I think that is the main reason why the djm5000 is gonna flop, because it ain’t got no built in efx. Guess they tryin to push efx500 and efx1000 sales.

    Anywayz, nice job as usual.


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