A look at the Echo feature on the Pioneer DJM-600 mixer.

A look at the Echo feature on the Pioneer DJM-600 mixer.

www.djtutor.com in this video i show you the echo feature on the mixer and explain what echo is and also give a small demo.

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  1. Ok I’ve found it. To allow the echo effect not to stop when bringing the channel fader down, you need to apply the effect to CF A instead of 1 if your left crossfader assign is in position 1 ! I’ve been so lucky to find this !

  2. Hey, yeah its not the same on the 600 but if you want to stop the music and keep hearing the echo, just flick the “CD LINE / PHONO” switch from one position to the other (whilst having the effect on).

  3. why the hell didn’t i think of that. now that you said that, it makes sense. if the effect is assigned to a channel and you bring the channel fader down, you are bringing the effect down. Thx!

  4. On the DN-X1500, you need to assign the effect to the master output in order for the effect to continue when you bring the channel fader down. I imagine it would be the same for the DJM800 or any other mixer.

  5. Ive noticed the same on my DNX 1500. Bring the fader down takes all the sound out including the echo.  Anyone?

  6. i’ve got a question about the echo effect. on the djm 800 if i use the echo effect and bring the fader downn i’ll hear the echo though. but on the djm 600 i won’t hear it. is there a trick on the djm 600?

  7. great video dude. i’m using a vestax mixer now and i’m on the verge of buying the djm 600 but i just want to know the purchase is worth it. your video / channel on youtube is exactly what i need. thanks!!

  8. ReliableProductions

    also, when using the echo effect bring the volume down and listen to it fade it’s really cool! Bring it to full volume after 4 beats!

  9. ReliableProductions

    rudiger is right the time synch buttons below the numbers work great, you always need to set it for each track as it changes. My favourite echo # is in the 200s, just hit the synch button on the left and it’ll go from 500 to a # in the 400s then a # in the 300 and then a # in the 200s and thats what you want. Do this in the middle of a mix and move the cross fader back n forth between tracks every beat.

  10. i think the effect is best used at half way and during a break (i usually fade it up to halfway) and set it to four beats. you should turn down the bass eq because your getting double and double the bass drum. then just as the tune is peaking again flick it to two beats with 8 bars left to go, then one beat with 4 bars to go and when the tune comes up again turn it off and turn up the bass again.

  11. this video is very misleading and doesn’t really teach you much about the effect. as the person says below, you dont have to guess 444 as the beat so it’ll come back on itself, all you have to do is press the 4 beat button. it wont be 444 everytime because that number is related to the bmp.

    secondly if you have the effect turned up on full you are only hearing the effect and not the tune, so if you try and mix while doing this or when you turn the effect off it will go out of time.

  12. if you want to sync the echo just use the buttons underneath the time read out….you don’t need to guess LOL

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