A Detailed Look at the 2012 Yamaha FX Series WaveRunners

Yamaha Product Manager Scott Watkins provides a detailed walkthrough of the all new 2012 FX Series WaveRunners from Yamaha. The new FX line offers the ultimate in luxury, performance, features and innovation.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “A Detailed Look at the 2012 Yamaha FX Series WaveRunners”

  1. This is an awesome new look! Love the rear cargo bay for stowing rope, we have 2010 SHO and FX Cruiser SHOs and the only thing I have to complain about is that they get dirty haha. So nothing wrong with them. What is a good way to clean the water stains on the jet skis, we’ve tried mean green, and it comes off, but I’m afraid it might be too abrasive for the paint, any suggestions?

  2. It actually costs a lot for it being made in China. Besides that, if I bought that, I’d condone the low wages, bad work conditions that we see on 20/20 and the like. It’s not like it sounds that great, just okay. I do care where something is made. I want to support business in my country and that is the point. Some things are unavoidable but when I can make a difference, I try to, even if it costs more.

  3. so what if its made in china?…what does that have to do with the quality of a guitar or sound?..go to a music and play it…dont judge one video..the way the guy plays, any guitar wood sound like a banjo…

  4. purplepineapple117

    Is it indian or normal rosewood I can’t really tell if its dark or not. (The back and sides I’m asking.)

  5. I agree. The prejudice is unfounded. Yamaha deserves much more credit than people willing to give or admit. Having said that, martin will be martin, so is Taylor and Yamaha etc. But the real deal here is in the SRT System. This is the one that stands out from the rest, its a very unique mic modelling pickup in the market right now. For those who wants a pickup that captures the original sound (like through a microphone), this probably is as close as it gets right now. Recommend: plug to AER amp!

  6. Some people already have built in notion or even prejudice about things. What they forget is that the world is changing and other countries are coming out with good but cheaper products that can give those US-made instruments a run for their money. What’s wrong with China-made products? So be it if they are cheaper so long they are as good or sometimes sound and play better than a Taylor or Martin.

  7. However, look at this video, xYR1PZaDvk. I’m not sure if I am detecting fret buzz as a result of the lowered action or if the player is missing the frets because he’s playing so fast.

  8. Actually, I think that’s just the way he’s playing. His style of playing and the music itself sounds this way. He wanted to show his skills as a player. I did not detect any buzzing on the guitar because of the lowered action.

    This video was only 3 minutes long. There’s no longer any limit as to how long you can have promotional videos. The Yamaha rep should have had the player play a second piece in a different style.

  9. Almost all of the affordable guitars are made in China or Korea now. If you want USA made, you’d have to pay 2 or 3 times as much. The Taylor 910ce Acoustic Electric, ASIN: B001R2IPBQ (Amazon or Google search it), is the only model which has Solid Indian Rosewood Back/Sides and it costs $3750. It doesn’t even have an electronic tuner on it. Compare that to the $900 Yamaha A3R, ASIN: B004M9ZOT2.

    Yamaha did mention they lowered the action, forgot by how much though.

  10. @SteveitzO @SteveitzO
    Haha, I absolutely agree…The playing wasn’t bad at all though and it did sound nice in a creepy way.

  11. I was in a store today looking for a Taylor or a Larrivee cutaway to try and the guy showed my this and I was really surprised. For $800 with HSC (solid mahogony back and sides) it sounded better than the Taylor 314ce I played plus it had a gloss finish and better looking wood. The only thing that really bothers me about it is that it’s made in China – it also needed a better setup. The neck felt like my Taylor 114ce – mabye just slightly bigger but very comfortable.

  12. I got my new A3M from Andy’s Music last week. The neck is really comfortable. It feels very similar to the Taylor neck. It has an open pore, satin finish. The mahogany bindings and mahogany / rosewood rosette makes the guitar look like it cost 3 times as much. In my opinion, the A3M compares to very well to a Taylor 310 in playability. The A3M has better bass response than the Taylor 314 and it looks better. One of the best features on the A3M is the preamp / pick up system. It is amazing.

  13. He should’n’t have played that banjo’y stuff. You can hear the low action on this guitar, it’s too plinky and it sounds like a banjo. I think these are made in China. Anyone know for sure? I’ll have to pass, if that’s the case. Not for that much.

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