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Shure product specialist Eric Bateman joins Mike Craig from Gelb Music to quickly discuss some of the vocal and instrument microphones available from Shure for 2012.
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Bluebird Mic Review vs. Shure SM57 SHOOTOUT!

www.soundcloud.com/solton-arroh www.soltonarrohstudios.com A mic shootout between Blue’s Bluebird and the Shure SM57. Both are great microphones and useful in a wide variety of musical and technical situations.
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14 thoughts on “2012 Shure Vocal Microphone Review – Global Sound”

  1. Subscribed!! You have made the best comparison!!! I have an SM57 and I’d like to upgrade to a more accurate microphone for recording vocals and acoustic guitars. I think that bluebird has a very beautiful top-end and it sounds so clear!!

    Could you please tell me if you’re plugging it directly to your apogee or are you using any kind of preamp or compressor? It’s very important because after seeing your video I think that I’ll totally buy this microphone!

  2. you can’t with this mic. It is a condenser mic and needs phantom power, which is something that you would get in a mixer or an interface

  3. Hi, Im kind of new to this so please don’t go to in-depth. Could you use this microphone with a XLR to USB type connection to run it straight into the PC? Please reply, thanks.

  4. Bluebird is a fantastic all around mic and has great response to mic placement/positioning! I have, use and love both. Great comparison vid!

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