2007pr showDBX DST 320

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Understanding compressors is as integral to recording and mixing audio as is understanding what a Decibel is. For you recording neophytes who might not see the importance of owning an actual, outboard compressor for your home studio, the Rev. Holland preaches from the Book of DBX 166XL. This relatively simple and affordable compressor / limiter / gate serves as an excellent teaching tool, but you’ll also see it in the top-recording studios and live mixing booths around the world.
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8 thoughts on “2007pr showDBX DST 320”

  1. Awesome! Thank you for the tutorial:)
    The last thing that you talked about where it can go to a splitter… what do the two ends of the “Y” each plug in to? Thanks:)

  2. Can this unit be connected to the Pioneer djm-800 Mixer to control a power sub (Behringer B1800 D and two self powered tops spakers (ELX EV15P? Please response, thanks…

  3. this is the best demo i’ve watch,so i can apply this to my unit,sir can u post a recommended settings for compressor expander & gate?cause i have a small set up of P.A system it will help me alot to make my sound real good to hear,and thanks for the info this really helpfull,,

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