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1/10 Kyosho DBX VE vs 1/8 Kyosho Inferno VE bashing

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12 thoughts on “1/10 Kyosho DBX VE vs 1/8 Kyosho Inferno VE – Global Sound”

  1. Anyway, mp9e doesn’t impressed me @ de 1st place @ all. I’ve seen & xperiences other ppl mp9, really totally doesn’t impressed me! anyway thanks pal for the total full info on both ves. Alikato pal!

  2. Oh and I forgot about the race spec having front and read anti roll bars and drives on universals instead of dog-bones, These are all parts that make the car a little more race ready than the Inferno Ve. With that said, I run my Ve without the anti-roll bars and it doesn’t really feel much more different than my Mp9e.

  3. The Ve and Ve race spec have the same motor. They are basically identical cars with the Race spec having minor upgrades such as the big bore shocks, a new 2.4g system and a better servo if I am not mistaken. But the motors and ESC are the same.

  4. @takumi4321 one last questions to ask u, is inferno ve & inferno ve race spec has de same motor, 4s, engines on both buggys or different????

  5. Both are really good cars. The DBX Ve does look really cool but the inferno is much faster than the DBX. It runs on 4s compared to the DBX which is designed for 2S.

    That said, we have a DBX ve on our track thats converted to run on 4s with a 2700kv motor. Crazy quick but the 1/8 buggies are still better racers.

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