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Видео Уроки Dj. Pure Dj Video - Pitch

Видео Уроки диджеинга от Московской Dj Школы Pure Dj. Тема урока – Работа со скоростью, Pitch. Dj First
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My pioneer cdj-1000 suddenly stopped playing cds, just ejects them. I searched in google and found this is a common problem with pioneer cdj xxxx cd players: Found that often it is the laser head that neads to be replaced with a new one, or simply IC protectors are defect. This movie show you what burned my IC protectors.. a ‘crazy’ spring that stuck to the laser head. There are magnets in the laser head and they had ‘sucked’ a spring to it, no idea where the spring comes from, hmmmm I made a blog post about how to fix this problem With IC protectors: mynerdstuff.blogspot.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. I have a similar problem with my 1000mk3 that i just bought second hand.
    I insert the cd and it also starts very shortly.
    Then it stops and rejects it, just like yours.

    I also checked the fuse links of the mk3 … they are all at low resistance so they should be ok.

    Any suggestions someone ?


  2. I have a question, my CDJ 1000mk1 have problem, they power ok, but when i try to load a cd , they just blow a fuse inside. you can use them as long as you don’t load the cd in..do you know what might be? thanks

  3. thank for sharing, every thing can happen with electronic equipment, great repairguide on scribd

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